Fearless Brilliance

Challenging the Status Quo Since 2009

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with clients spread across North America, 7DS Associates is a management consulting firm for the real estate industry. We work with select clients in all sectors of the industry, from Associations to MLSs to Brands, Brokerages and Agent Teams to Technology companies large and small. We work on mission critical, bet-your-company, change the course of the industry projects for some of the largest organizations and institutions in real estate. We just don’t talk about them unless we have to, not even who the clients are, because that is their business, not ours.

That loyalty to our clients is something that sets us apart from other consultants in real estate. We keep their confidences and earn their trust. We don’t work for competitors of our clients, even if that means leaving a fortune on the table. Honor demands it of us.

Accordingly, we are selective as to who we take on, and for what. We do corporate strategy, technology strategy, product development, marketing and communications, training and coaching, corporate finance… like many others. We just do it better, because we do it without fear or favor.

Fearlessness is our culture and hallmark: we ask the tough questions others hesitate to raise, because in tough questions lie the truth. We give advice that we believe is in the client’s best interests, even if it isn’t what they want to hear. We’re less concerned about getting the next assignment and more concerned about delivering value in this one.

We believe it is our duty as consultants, as people who are paid for analysis and advice, to have that courage to ask tough questions, go where others fear to tread, challenge assumptions and the way things have been, and to provide honest advice and guidance to the best of our abilities.

And those abilities are substantial. Our partners have over 15 years of experience in real estate, with additional background in start-ups, Wall Street, law, finance, technology, product development, project management, marketing, customer service, training, coaching, operations, and management. We see patterns that others miss, watch trends before they develop, and because of our fearlessness, get right down to the fundamental issues.

Our solutions are often creative, because we have no vested interest in the status quo and no use for convenient fictions. We care only about what works and what will work for our clients, so they can achieve their goals.

We admit that we are not for everybody, but then, everybody is not for us either. We’re selective with clients and with projects. We routinely turn down assignments if we’re conflicted, if we don’t believe in it, or if someone else can do it better.

But if you are one of those who inspire us, who make us believe, who make us care, and we can help you better than anybody else can… we promise to challenge your way of thinking, make you uncomfortable with business as usual, come up with creative-yet-disciplined solutions rooted in reality rather than wishful thinking, and help you transform your business.

Bring us your thorniest problems. Bring us your biggest visions. Bring us your most fundamental needs. We’ll deliver answers if there are answers to be found, without fear or favor. We owe you that as a matter of duty and honor.

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. Let’s find out whether our services are right for you, and whether you are right for us.

– Rob Hahn

Areas of Practice

Strategic Planning and Consulting

The world is evolving, and real estate hasn’t been keeping up. Consumers are expecting more in terms of data, service, and technology. The entire structure of the industry is going through massive changes. We help clients think beyond the short term, beyond the business as usual. When you want to tweak the same old same old, we can recommend somebody. But if you need creative solutions that make a real difference, call us.


Rob has graced many stages with his wit, insight, and direct approach. He will make you uncomfortable, but leave you with a sense of what is possible. Sunny specializes in helping deliver high levels of service to consumers and to each other. She will challenge the audience to be proactive and set high expectations. When you need to inspire, when you need to get the audience thinking, when you need something special, think of us.


You have an incredible product or service, but how do you deliver it to the market? 7DS offers marketing services to the select few. We must believe in your product or service, before we agree to take you on. This way, it’s about you and your product or service, not about our billables. We partner with our clients because we believe. If you have something that really improves the world, we’d like to help you let the world know about it.

Associations and Multiple Listing Services

In our Organized Real Estate practice, we focus on fundamental issues: governance, technology strategy, value creation, and organizational structure. Our goal as a firm is to solve the most fundamental problems in organized real estate, and to restore the Realtor Movement to its original purpose, while helping enlightened leaders prepare for the challenges of the present and future. Our latest major initiative in this sector, MLS Privatization, is where Associations and MLS are going, voluntarily or not. Walk, don’t fall, into that future.

Brands and Brokerage

With Sunny’s background in sales and brokerage leadership, she understands how it feels to sit on both sides of the desk. We understand both the sales and operations sides of the brokerage business. We see the true threats both here and now and just over the horizon. Whether you are a national brand in need of rejuvenation, a large brokerage trying to cope with a challenging environment, or an independent brokerage trying to grow in your marketplace, if it is fearless brilliance you need, we want to talk to you.

Technology and Service Providers

There is an influx of capital in the real estate technology space, and technology companies are creating new platforms to streamline processes and communication. While we know that technology cannot replace the human connection, great technology enhances that connection like nothing else. We have advised some of the largest technology companies in the industry, as well as some of the smallest and most interesting startups. Talk to us; make us see what you see. Perhaps we can help make that vision become reality.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

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